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Singapore and its facades in the sky


Raffles skyscraper in Singapore in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
In Singapore's central square, its Raffles skyscraper
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing07v11a89



One of the aspects of Singapore that struck visitors at the time, in 1989, was the modernity of the buildings whose towers soared into the sky, a city partly made up of skyscrapers, such as there were few of on our old European continent at the time.

Here are a few examples


Singapore's old and new facades in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
Also in Singapore's central square, the contrast between the old facades,
seen here on the commemorative sculpture, against the backdrop of the Raffles skyscrape
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing04v04a89
Here we can see the flexibility of the Rollei SL66 with its tilting bellows,
This allows the foreground to be sharp in semi-macro, with the relative sharpness on the towers
on the same axis as the sculpture (Scheimpflug rule).


Skyscraper towers in the Singapore skyline in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
Another set of towers like ships in the sky that attract and repel each other
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing04v10a89

Concrete and small windows in the Singapore Towers in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
Concrete and not-so-large windows. It wasn't yet the age of metal and glass
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing04v09a89



Round Tower in Singapore in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
A round tower, with a (photographic) circular wave effect at the top !
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing07v01a89



Very rectangular tower blocks in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Arranged like cubes in the sky.
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing04v11a89



Detail of a building terrace on a Singapore street - © Norbert Pousseur
Both slender and close, with an arch at ground floor level
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing07v07a89



Construction of an apartment block in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur Construction of an apartment block in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Apartment building under construction with terraces like cakes
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing07v09a89


Curved terraces under construction in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
A detail of the building above, with the curve as the master element.
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing07v10a89



Exterior lifts for a building in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
External lifts for large office and residential buildings.
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing15v12a89


Singapore billboard: build and move forward - © Norbert Pousseur
In idéal pour Singapore: moving forward by building
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing12v10a89


High-rise buildings under construction in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
As if in response to Singapore's slogan: buildings on the horizon
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing14v02a89


Bamboo scaffolding in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
In contrast to the modernity of the new buildings,
scaffolding made of bamboo tied together with ropes was a common sight in town.

Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing07v08a89


Interior of a house being restored in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Another example of bamboo scaffolding, for the restoration of an old house
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing13v11a89


Renovated house in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Renovations are well under way, combining elegance and tradition
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing11v10a89


Overgrown building in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
In other places, a slow invasion of vegetation close to new buildings.
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing11v07a89



Linen drying on balconies in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Singapore also has its popular areas, like any big city,
with balconies laden with drying linen

Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing12v04a89


Old street in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
The old town has some poor quarters, with its motley assortment of buildings,
all with their spiral outside staircases.

Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing05v09a89


Tin house in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Here you can see what must have been typical of working-class neighbourhoods :
lots of sheet metal, fences, TV, washing drying on the stairs.

Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing05v10a89


Vegetation invading a facade in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
The hot, humid climate quickly led to the uncontrolled growth of vegetation
on abandoned houses.

Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing19v07a89


Mansion in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
But we still come across what must have been the traditional home of the Singaporean middle class at the beginning of the twentieth century: a single-storey villa set in greenery.
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing11v04a89


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