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Singapore celebrates


Blue peacock to announce the anniversary of Singapore's Jin Mian Dà Rén in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
A blue peacock to announce the anniversary of Jin Mian Dà Rén
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v06a89



A few images of festive days in Singapore.

The "Jin Mian Dà Rén" anniversary, in June 1889 of the Chinese calendar.

And also in Singapore's central park, the newly-weds being photographed.




Dragons, sentences, giant candles... in Singapore in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
All the traditional iconography: dragons, sentences, giant candles...
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v01a89

Poster for the anniversary of Jin Mian Dà Rén in Singapore in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
The bilingual poster for the anniversary of Jin Mian Dà Rén
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v05a89



Lit candles smoking in Singapore in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
Each lit candle proclaims its sentence in the smoke
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v02a89



Paper globe lanterns in Singapore in 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
Classic paper globe lanterns for lighting
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v04a89


Flag carried by helicopters in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Helicopters fly the flag in the background
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v07a89



Mini coloured parachutes at Singapore 1989 - © Norbert Pousseur
Mini coloured parachutes scattered across the sky
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing08v08a89

Wedding photography in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Another type of celebration : a wedding shooting ceremony !
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing05v03a89


Flower Mercedes for Singapore wedding - © Norbert Pousseur
A beautiful, floral Mercedes for a wedding
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing05v01a89


Wedding photo in Central Park, Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Always looking for the best location for your wedding photos!
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing05v04a89


Romantic bridge in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
The garden with its romantic bridge lends itself well to wedding photos
Singapore 1989 - Dia 6x6 - d120sing05v05a89



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Thumbnail : Architecture in Singapore - © Norbert Pousseur
Architecture in Singapore

Singapore celebrates
Thumbnail: Singapore, China and religion - © Norbert Pousseur
Religion in Singapore
Singapore in the 19th century





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